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For Information 484-821-0939

Love to Create?

If you can dream it, you can create it in VR!

Join us once a month for a very special session of creativity, fun and escape!

Woman Painting

Paint, Draw, Sculpt

Tilt Brush



Gravity Sketch


Girls Game Too 2.jfif

Take A Break

Choose from a variety of games

Play by yourself or with others

Relax, enjoy and let the creative juices flow!


Get Inspired

Visit famous art museums

Join artist groups in AltSpace

Try guided meditation

Wander the World

What Can You Do in Tilt Brush?

Tilt Brush Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear?

    • Comfortable clothing.​

    • Close-toed shoes.

  • Do I need art supplies?

    • No. You will be creating in virtual reality. Everything you need will provided in whatever platform you use.

  • Can I save/share my art?

    • Yes! There are a variety of ways to save, export and share your work.

  • I've never tried virtual reality, what if I don't like it?

    • ​No worries! We will ease you into VR - you can even sit and create or visit famous art museums. We've never had anyone who hasn't found something they like to do!
  • I have a medical condition, can I still participate?
    • ​You should always check with your doctor first, but virtual reality is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have inner ear issues, have epilepsy​​ or seizures.
  • I wear glasses, can I still use VR?​
    • Yes! You can wear your glasses if needed.​
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