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Certified Fitness Instructor; Certified Indoor Cycling

My name is Deb Troxell and I have been in the instructor circuit for nearly 5 years.


My very first spin class I ever took we rode to the rhythm and I was instantly hooked! Soon after I went for my spin certification and have been teaching ever since. Over the last few years I have added group fitness and holistic health consultant to my certification library. I have fallen in love with teaching multiple styles of classes. To me, besides having fun, music is the key to a great workout! Good music really makes that time fly by.


When your with me, you’ll always be in a positive and judgment free zone. My motto is, “Showing up is the hardest step. If you’ve achieved that, then your already more than halfway there...” We all have bad days but always remember, you do you! Never compare yourself to anyone else because no one else is on your path;)

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