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Cleaning & Sanitation + COVID Protocols
Our cleaning & sanitation protocols are meticulously followed and comprehensive. We follow guidelines from the CDC and WHO and take our responsibility to keep the facility as clean and safe as possible very seriously.

Per PA Mandate, people who are fully vaccinated may choose not to wear a mask inside XR Studioz. Our VR stations are more than 6 feet apart, and we have a commercial HVAC system that provides fresh circulated air at all times. All Staff are currently fully vaccinated.


We use hospital grade disinfectant before and after every VR session.


We use disposable gloves for cleaning rest rooms, equipment, doors/handles, chairs, tables and all high-touch surfaces - all day, everyday. 

Air Purifiers

We use air purifiers in every room to help air flow and reduce harmful particles including allergens and mold.

VR Session

Users must wear a disposable face cover and hair band. VR headsets and controllers are cleaned & sanitized before/after every session, including use of UVC cleanbox.

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