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Modern Structure


Cooped Up? Stressed Out? Looking for a Break?

We've Got You Covered!


Come on in and play for 30 or 60 minutes in your own station.

Single player games include those where you play by yourself in puzzles, challenges, story-based games, shooters and more.​

You can also play with others who are playing in team-type games, like a Western Shootout, zombie apocalypse,  boxing matches, and space missions to name a few.


Player vs. Player

We have awesome games where you can play against a friend or family member in the same game, at the same time!

Each person requires their own headset.

Check out our Game Library to see which titles are PvP. 

You can also play a few PvP games and then play other games by yourself if you'd like!


Up to 6 friends/family members can play together in games designed specifically for multiple players!

Each person requires their own headset.

You can battle zombies, play laser tag, do Escape Rooms, battle it out in shooters, scare yourself senseless with thrillers and much more!

You can even create teams and play against each other, or other teams.

Free Roam

What is Free Roam?

Free roam is simply an experience where your headset is not tethered to a computer and the games you play are designed so that you can move around physically without fear of running in to other players.

Free roam games like Versus Laser Tag and MissionX add to the "realness" of the game because you're physically moving around barriers and objects.

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