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Hate to Exercise? Then GAMERCISE!

Imagine Looking Forward to Working Out!

Woman Workout VR
Man Yoga VR
Man Workout VR.jfif
Young Lady VR workout

Gamercise is a proven way to burn calories using VR games where you move, dance, box, swing, shoot and more!

Lots of options to workout so you don't get bored.
Upper Body/Core

Any fitness level can get a great workout, with new games and workouts apps added all the time.

You can even gamercise using workout machines like ellipticals, rowers and recumbent bikes so you can really mix up your workouts.

Modern Structure


The Best Workout You May Not Know About (Yet!)

The fact is that you just won't adhere to a workout routine if you don't enjoy it or see results...or both.

Join scores of people who have found that using VR to lose weight, get fit and gain mobility really works for them.

You'll be hearing much more about Gamercise and VR. Checkout articles like these:

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Young Girl Playing

Mandy Westmoreland

Eleven Table Tennis and Raquetball Nx are fun games that require a little bit of physical activity but don’t feel like working out

Young Man

Robert Kunz

Just bought Thrill of the Fight and wow what a workout!


Anneli Miljard

I would never ever in my life have thought that one day I would ride 22 minutes on an exercise bike, pedaling like crazy, sweating a pool, panting and puffing - and absolutely enjoying every minute of it, but that's what I just did.

Virtual Reality

Jess Scott

My husband and I will spend close to 2 hours a day competing on beat saber... that competition burns calories man!

Woman VR

Valerie Heidel

I am 67 and my daughter gave me a VR headset for my birthday. Get FitXr it will get you off the sofa for sure!


Daniel Flynn

I have had VZ fit for about a year. Use it 3-4 times a week. I like it a lot.

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