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Do You Have the Nerve?

The Plank

Get in the Elevator

Step Out on the Plank

20 Stories Above the Ground!

5 Minutes

Take the Challenge!

See if you can walk to the end...or have to crawl back to the elevator!

The End...?

You've done it! You're at the end!

Now...see if you can jump off!

Watch Others

Seriously fun to watch others reactions!

Have everyone in your family/party try it to see who's least afraid!

Worth it!

I didn't expect to react like I did. I remember watching a youtuber review it and he REALLY didn't want to walk to the edge. I thought he was being dramatic, but NOPE, he was being genuine.


I thought I was going to be frolicking to the edge and that walking off would be no problem. In reality I was shocked at how hard it was to get myself to even raise one foot over the edge, let alone walk off the end.


My palms started sweating big time when I considered it. I will say that you only get one first time with the plank, after that the magic fades as your brain finds comfort with the scenario. 

I'm still shaking and my Vive is sweaty.
I thought I'd do okay at this - I have good balance and I'm not afraid of heights.
Que a solid ten minutes of me with one foot in the elevator and one on the plank whispering to myself "it's not real, it's not real." When I got brave enough to step halfway out, I panicked. I hit the home button in a cheap attempt to escape - but to my horror, the menu was transparent, and I could still see myself standing on the plank. There was no way out of this. I closed the menu and had to shimmy back into the elevator, my heart beating out of my chest. Trembling, defeated, I hit the elevator button and did a little skywriting first, to get myself used to the idea of flying (and falling).

And yes, I finally did make it across that plank - but when I got a little too confident and tried to execute a graceful turn, I plummeted to my death. RIP

Scared of heights? Even better. I'm petrified of them and this experience REALLY sets my fears off. I've seen people scoffing at others playing it only to scream out loud when it's their turn - so while I would say don't force anyone to play or so much as touch them while they are playing, if you want to put up a fight against your fears this is some pretty good therapy.

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